Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Anthropomorphic Universe

  Another vantage point from the SummerKeys garden.  I rest under this tree and look out over the Islands. Eastport to the left and Campobello to the right. It is a heavenly place to sit and ponder and rest...the body and mind. A sweet little sanctuary that at certain times of the year is just mine.
"Flying w/ Crows Over Popes Folly", woodcut, mixed media on rice paper                                                                                           

not yet titled...oil on birch  11 x 14...."Anthropomorphic something???   

This image is taken from a hike my son, husband and I went on this summer. It was a foggy day in Cutler, Maine and we hiked through the forest to arrive at what seemed like the end of the Universe. It was so Foggy and so high, I got vertigo, but my son loved it...he had seen nothing like it until that day...it felt like we were on a different plane. The sky seemed to kiss the earth and hug the water.