Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dissected prints- Variations on a theme

  This image was created as an homage to the iconic image of a an Angel guiding two children lost in the woods to safety.

"Guardian Angel" woodcut on paper.

"Guardian Angel II", woodcut, collage
Here I have started to take apart the print, and replaced the female image with a stylized print, then applied color.

In "UFO" I have taken the same print and dissected it. I cut the image, then created a mirror image and attached them to a paper substrate. What happened was a unique image that created it's very story.
"Guardian Angel III- UFO", woodcut, mixed media
 Here, the same image is used again, but the Guardian Angel was dissected, mirrored and put back together, creating what I think is a fascinating depiction of a female form.

"Guardian Angel - Mother", woodcut, mixed media
So here is what happens when a print is taken apart and put back together again...I love the endless realm of what can happen with woodcuts. The same Image Four Ways...a part exactly the same, yet as a whole uniquely different.