Saturday, July 18, 2015

"Inside Out"  pastel on BFK Rives, Sherry Ashby Cunningham
You Were My Fish
swimming up stream
always against the tide

you were my angel, my lover, my demon
you filled it all with toxic venom and sweet sweet love
wide awake in a house of mirrors
                                 you beckoned- I came and came and came again
juice poured through every crack, every crevice
until I was barren.

my addiction- I bled for you and you alone
you were mine but never mine
I was yours, always yours

You filled me to the brim and it over ran
slurped it up and came back for more
never satiated
the cycle- spinning
lost and empty and full

dancing in the moon
though never roaming always still

you gave it away
you gave it all away

" Inside Out" (detail) pastel on BFK Rives, s.a.cunningham