Friday, October 3, 2014

New Birth

" Silkie Returning to the Sea" mixed media on BFK Rives paper, Sherry Ashby Cunningham
" Sailing Home", mixed media on BFK Rives paper, Sherry Ashby Cunningham

" Waiting To Be Born" mixed media on BFK Rives paper, SherryAshby Cunningham

" Remembering the Beauty of What Was", mixed media on BFK Rives paper, Sherry Ashby Cunningham
New Journeys start....but the past is not erased. Try as you may to forget, it is a part of you. Embrace. So much beauty...I saw in you. Finding that same beauty in myself is part of the new journey. As I see beauty in me I see beauty in you. Forgiveness, letting go of anger and bitterness. You will forever be part of my soul, my one can take that away. We are connected, why not be connected in love? The dark and the light is equal in it's importance. No matter the will always lie in the foundation of  how we were born and it is how we will die...united in love in loves embrace.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wild in the Woods

"Wild in the Woods" mixed media on paper

Wild in the tangled woods, the witch offers the lost child an apple. " Is she a good witch or a bad witch ?" asks the child. " We don't know yet my dear." answered the mother to her beloved. "Is the apple poisoned Mama?" asked the child. "I don't know my beloved" answered the mother again. "It is the fruit of knowledge my dear....and sometimes the truth is is neither good nor bad."

Painting to "see"

not yet titled, acrylic on board

Where does your soul go...your heart, your mind? wanders sometimes in the dark. And that is ok. Without the dark we can not have the light...balance they say...but it swings........

Spirits in the Wood

Some times ....we all feel a little naked....a little exposed.
We bare our souls to another...and the journey in life is not easy to be human.
" Sacrifice" acrylic on canvas

" Dancing under the Full March Moon", mixed media on paper

" A Tangled Path in the Tangled Wood" mixed media on BFK Rives paper

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Buildings and Environment studies, mixed medias 2013-14

"Eastport House", mixed media on BFK Rives paper
I have been playing with houses for about a year.

Straight lines sometimes scare me...but come to find quite often the lines are not as straight as you think they are gonna be....kinda like the path we are all rarely is on the straight and narrow and a direct path....

If the Foundation is weak...the entire structure will be too.

" House on Spring Street-Lubec" mixed media on BFK Rives paper.

"Blessing of the Poppies" oil on board, 9'' x 11''

"The Boat House- Lubec Narrows" oil on board

"Along Water Street-Lubec" mixed media on paper

"Mullholand Market Complex-Lubec", mixed media on paper

  • " Bank Hill - Lubec"  journal page, ink and water color

Friday, September 12, 2014

"Full Moon Bike Ride"  graphite on paper

Full Harvest Moon in Pisces September 2014

Quinn showing Mama how to find some of her kid magic on this Harvest Moon.