Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Mother's Prayer", Wood Cut, Mixed Media on Japanese Paper
I often create a print with the mind that I will treat the print as an one would an under painting. Sometimes as I go along painting I can see or feel more than one color wants to exist and am forced to choose. When I have finished I am left to wonder what would have happened if I had chosen another color...kind of like wondering what would have happened had I gone right instead of left. With the repeated image I have that freedom to explore medium and palette as much as I choose and I love having that choice.  

Detail of "Mother's Prayer" and "Voyage" overlapped to show the echo

Sometimes a character repeats themselves with out even meaning too...guess I was working unconsciously.  In "Voyage" this little guy crept in at the end right before I started carving the wood block, he is not in the original sketch. I found it very interesting that it created a mirror image of "Mothers Prayer"..a print made a few years back, but a block I still work from. 

 Weird little mirror (unintentional)...the feminine aspect, the bird, the tree all echo each other...the feminine figures both dressed in blue.  The fox is cautious but enters still...weary whispering.

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