Friday, October 7, 2016

I saw you today- with your crooked smile
and your heart on your sleeve.

I saw you there in the garden, next to the forget -me- nots 
and the "my love lies bleeding". I knew your head was the clouds and a conversation with dragons was pasings through the ethers. 
You don't live with feet firmly planted.

Just before I saw the garden- I was driving along Water Street 
a "Love Song" came on the radio.
a parked car had a license plate that read "LOVE".  
My attention was pulled to the very next parked car with a licence plate that read " TRAP".

I turned off the radio and kept driving.
Then I saw you there,   . . . in the garden
with your head and heart in the Clouds
resting among the flowers
-the wildest of flowers
                                       ~ Sherry Ashby

Poetry growing in a box, " My Love Lies Bleeding " grows with the wild flower " Forget - Me - Not "

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